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DJ XL5’s Razzle Dazzle Zappin’ Party

Sponsored by: We Edit Life & Studio Bentley
  • International
  • 120 min
  • video
  • English/french

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« Depuis cinq ans, le Zappin' Party de DJ XL5 est inévitablement un des évènements les plus courus du festival Fantasia. Courts métrages surprenants, images psychotroniques d'archives, vidéoclips et pubs hilarantes, mash-ups, le tout s'enfilant à un rythme effréné... Une valeur sûre. » - Kevin Laforest, VOIR

« La plus grande force de DJ XL5 demeure sa capacité à se renouveler sans cesse plutôt que de nous fournir toujours et encore le même matériel d’une présentation à l’autre » - Lady Jaye, ciné

« Que dire de cette soirée sinon qu'il s'agit fort probablement de sa meilleure cuvée depuis les débuts du projet. » - François Legault, Emoragei magazine


Director: DJ XL5
Cast: Avec des films de : Feating films from : Breehn Burns & Jason Johnson, Patrick Boivin, Simon Tofield, Dave Carter, PES, Renaud Gauthier, Road Kill Superstar, Big Dog Eat Child, Éric Lavoie, Olaf Svenson, Stéphane Gauvreau, Isabelle Stephen & DJ XL5, David Baas, J. Andrew Molloy, Michael Davies, Mike Doyle, Barend de Voogd & Rob van der Velden et Andy Muschietti.
Producers: DJ XL5
Distributor: We Edit Life

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DJ XL5's Razzle Dazzle Zappin’ Party   

DJ XL5's Razzle Dazzle Zappin’ Party


You are invited to explore DJ XL5’s strange and festive universe, and discover a wealth of the irreverent and the unruly—an international collection of short films and animated clips, structured to resemble a session of late-night channel surfing, never lingering on a single channel for long. From Canada comes David Baas’s animated farce SKYLIGHT and J. Andrew Molloy’s DEADSPIEL, a horror comedy about a team if curling-champion zombies. You’ll gasp at Éric Lavoie’s cult classic BATMAN’S WEDDING, screened for the first time in its definitive version with English subtitle. Fans of Dr. Tran, rejoice, as Lone Sausage Productions offer two new shorts, 100% ICE and THE FURIOUS LITTLE CINNAMON BUN. Last year, many party people felt in love with SIMON’S CAT. Simon Tofield’s creation is back and in fine, faithful form with TV DINNER.

The many fake trailers on the menu inlude Olaf Svenson’s NUN WITH A GUN, Francis Robitaille’s LE CHAT and PLEIN DE SANG, and EL DANIELO DEL TERROR, created by Stéphane Gauvreau, Isabelle Stephen and DJ XL5, and featuring Fantasia’s own Daniel as El Magnifico! In the same spirit, the USA’s Big Dog Eat Child deliver two wacky fake ads, JONES' GOOD ASS BBQ & FOOT MASSAGE and JONES' BIG ASS TRUCK RENTAL & STORAGE. Discover the psychotic world of Australia’s Dave Carter with his new stop-motion series PSYCHOTOWN. Stop-motion master Pes, meanwhile, amazes with some of his most recent animated tricks. Expect to be touched by Michael Davies’s WHAT VIRGIN MEANS, scared by Mike Doyle’s BEING JASON, terrified by Barend de Voogd & Rob van der Velden’s ZOMBEER and petrified by Andy Muschietti’s MAMÀ. Furthermore, this year DJ XL5 is paying tribute to Patrick Boivin, the talented rising director of such classics as MANDALORIAN DANCE and IRON MAN VS. BRUCE LEE. Road Kill Superstar premieres two new shorts, including NINJA ELIMINATOR II, and Bombay’s own Inspector Bronco will also present his new trilogy, partly filmed in Rome.

As with every year, arrive early because XL5 is the only Fantasia programmer with a record of starting 20 minutes early! DJ XL5 is a local multimedia artist and collagist whose short-film programs and special thematic events have traveled across Canada to film festivals, repertory cinemas and other events. Cinema du Parc recently showcased his first retrospective and two of his recent collaborations were screened at Les Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois. He is currently working on several short film projects.

—Marc Lamothe

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