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La révélation

International Premiere

  • France 2008
  • 12 min
  • video
  • French with English subtitles

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Director: Vincent Diderot
Screenplay: Vincent Diderot
Cast: Bernard Laborde, Ali Challel, Mireille Huchon, Mikaël Antoinette, Guy-Michel Carbou
Producers: Thierry Perrini
Distributor: Sprint Video Prod

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8th Wonderland   

8th Wonderland

Canadian Premiere
2008 | 93 min
English/french/spanish/italian/russian/turkish language, English subtitles


Extra-terrestrials shoot a feature-length film in order to promote life on their planet to nearby human beings. Never-before-seen out of its country, this iconoclastic short film is at times a scathing homage to B movies of the 1950s. A comedy, and a fascinating display of the film-within-a-film. We are truly entering strange territory here.

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Christine Starnino)

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