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World Premiere

  • USA / England 2009
  • 90 min
  • 35mm
  • English
World Premiere, hosted by writer/director Anthony DiBlasi

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"Intense, grim and nasty... the stuff of nightmares" — Alan Jones, FANGORIA


Director: Anthony DiBlasi
Screenplay: Anthony DiBlasi, from Clive Barker
Cast: Shaun Evans , Jackson Rathbone, Hanne Steen, Laura Donnelly
Producers: Lauri Apelian, Clive Barker, Joe Daley, Jorge Saralegui, Peter Bevan, Jeremy Burdek, Nigel Thomas
Distributor: Les Films Séville / E1

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Books of Blood, Reels of Pain: Clive Barker   

Books of Blood, Reels of Pain: Clive Barker

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Canadian Premiere
2008 | 19 min
English language


Quaid (Shaun Evans) is a grad student of philosophy, hard at work making a thesis film. He’s named his project “Dread” because that’s exactly where its focus lies—the study of people’s deepest fears. Specifically, the ways in which said fears are responded to. Quaid has undertaken the project with fellow students Stephen (Jackson Rathbone) and Cheryl (Hanne Steen), but this baby is clearly all his. You see, Quaid is a man with daggers in his soul. As a child, he witnessed the random slaughter of his parents, an event that’s left him shaking with mortal dread to this day. His constant sense of terror disgusts him, and by all appearances, he’s chosen to initiate his thesis film as a means through which he might find people whose fears are even stronger than his. Soon, however, the project will be taking turns that go far beyond the figurative, into something altogether different. Something that screams and bleeds.

The latest adaptation to stem from Clive Barker’s notorious short story collection BOOKS OF BLOOD, DREAD is Anthony DiBlasi’s directorial debut. It may be his first time behind the lens, but DiBlasi, who also scripted, is no stranger to the beloved author’s universe, having exec produced MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, THE PLAGUE and BOOK OF BLOOD, the latter of which will also be haunting the Fantasia screen this year. His film is a remorseless, brutal work, with a final act that will leave many trembling in shock. A key moment is reminiscent of Douglas Buck’s CUTTING MOMENTS, which should give you an idea of how dark this one gets. Features cinematography by Sam McCurdy (THE DESCENT, DOOMSDAY, HILLS HAVE EYES II) and a standout performance from TWILIGHT star Rathbone, who has just signed on to play homicidal Norwegian metal god Varg Vikernes in Sion Sono’s forthcoming LORDS OF CHAOS.

—Mitch Davis

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