North american Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 92 min
  • 35mm
  • English
North American Premiere

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Director: Uwe Boll
Screenplay: Uwe Boll
Cast: Edward Furlong, Sam Levinson, Shaun Sipos, Steffen Mennekes
Producers: Uwe Boll, Shawn Williamson
Distributor: Brightlight Pictures

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When a prisoner is found hanging in his cell, an investigation is called in order to ascertain the events that led to his death. His three cellmates are interviewed separately in a series of interrogations captured on video. Through flashbacks, the last day of the manís life unfolds. What at first appears to be the usual camaraderie of a group of people thrown together by fate soon turns ugly. In the midst of a time-killing game of poker, a silly bet proves to be the catalyst, setting in motion the tragic events. The game degenerates, becoming cruel and abusive. The tension between the four men mounts to excruciating levels, bringing out the darkest, most twisted corners of their psyches. Every sick act seems to throw more oil on the fire until the situation explodes in a veritable orgy of sadism, brutality and torture.

Bad-boy director Uwe Boll is back with a film that hits you like a punch to the gut and upends the common belief that the director of BLOODRAYNE and POSTAL is merely a pugnacious hack. Starring Edward Furlong and based on true events, STOIC is an unforgettable film, both fascinating and repulsive, cutting back and forth between taped interviews with the prisoners and the events of their claustrophobic existence within their prison cell, captured in all its grim detail with a handheld camera. This brilliantly simple structure reveals the raw, disquieting truth about incarceration and the effect it has on the human psyche. Mob mentality, group psychosis, cabin fever, call it what you will, but this cinematic descent into madness will shock you. With a great script, excellent editing and superb performances by its talented cast, STOIC is proof that you donít need a hundred-million-dollar budget to make a great film. You just need a fresh idea and the courage to break the rules. STOIC is what cinema should be, a movie that makes you feel.

—Robert Guillemette

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