My Love Lives In The Sewers

(Mi amor vive en las alcantarillas)
  • Spain 2008
  • 18 min
  • HD
  • Spanish with English subtitles

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Director: Manuel Arija
Screenplay: Manuel Arija, Rosa Calvo
Cast: Nacho Vera, Elena Rodriguez, Pepe Viyuela
Producers: Manuel Arija
Distributor: Manuel Arija De La Cuerda

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Small Gauge Trauma 2009   

Small Gauge Trauma 2009


Mysterious coded messages found on toilet paper lead a man into a bizarre relationship with a girl who lives below him. Not in a lower apartment, but beneath his toilet bowl, inches out of reach. An extraordinary, hilarious and wounded piece of work, this one of the strongest—and strangest—Spanish films we’ve seen in a long time.

—Mitch Davis

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