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The Horribly Slow Murderer With The Extremely Inefficient Weapon

Montreal Premiere

  • USA 2008
  • 10 min
  • HD
  • English
Hosted by Writer/Director Richard Gale

WINNER: Special Jury Prize, Fantastic Fest 2008
WINNER: Audience Award, Dead Channels - the San Francisco Festival of Fantastic Film 2008
WINNER: Golden Glibb, Nuremberg Weekend Of Fear 2009

Official Selection, Boston Independent Film Festival 2009
Official Selection, Dead By Dawn 2009
Official Selection: Worldwide Short Film Festival 2009

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Director: Richard Gale
Screenplay: Richard Gale
Cast: Paul Clemens, Brian Rohan
Producers: Richard Gale
Distributor: Criticcal Pictures

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From Richard Gale, mad maker of CRITICIZED, comes a film that will never have you looking at cutlery the same way again. Set-up as an epic-length trailer for an upcoming release, HORRIBLY SLOW... depicts a man's endless pursuit by what has got to be one of the most determined and patient murderers the screen has ever seen. Screamingly funny stuff, this is the rare case where the shine of an inspired over-the-top title is actually matched by the genius of the film itself. Stars Paul Clemens, who many of you will remember from 1982's THE BEAST WITHIN. Someone, get Gale funding for his feature. Now.

—Mitch Davis

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