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Sans dessein

World Premiere

  • Quebec 2009
  • 120 min
  • video
  • French
World Premiere, hosted by collective Dead Cat Films

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« Une irrésistible comédie romantique à l'humour décalé et aux flash-back loufoques. » -Manon Dumais, Voir.

« On en sort le cœur vraiment léger et la rate gravement dilatée. (…) Un film hilarant et vraiment, vraiment le fun » -Natalia Wysocka, Ici (24 Heures).

« Droll, clever and DIY-innovative... this debut effort points to great things » -John Griffin, The Montreal Gazette.


Director: Caroline Labrèche, Steeve Léonard
Screenplay: Steeve Léonard
Cast: Steeve Léonard, Caroline Labrèche, Julie Tétreault, Vincent Desmarchais
Producers: Caroline Labrèche, Steeve Léonard
Distributor: Dead Cat Films

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Flirting with Chaos   

Flirting with Chaos


Paul Thérien has just turned 30 years old. Still single, he’s been living in a small apartment surrounded by the boxes from his last move—now 11 and a half months ago. He doesn’t really enjoy his job as a janitor and he is the laughingstock of his malicious group of colleagues. Paul has no hobbies and does not have any particular interests. Basically, Paul is without a clue, and without a satisfying future. One day, a spirit visits him and offers him the opportunity to rectify all that. The ghost refers to a plan set forth by Destiny’s High Leaders to insure love and prosperity—Paul must conquer his childhood love, Martine A. Lacelle. To help him on his quest, he will rely on his loyal friend, Robert Roberts, a courtroom sketch artist with a sarcastic and exuberant temperament. It won’t be an easy mission since Paul accidentally pushed Martine in the sewer when they were kids! Various mishaps follow as Paul encounters an eccentric neighbour, Coriandre Painchaud. The closer Paul gets to his goal, the more his take on Destiny’s High Leaders’ scripted plan changes. And just what are the motivations driving the spirit from the future?

DJXL5’s Zappin’ Party regulars know the Dead Cat Films gang very well. Over the span of ten years, they have made 20-odd hilarious and ingenious short films including L’ÉTOILE NOIRE and AGENCE DE... VOYAGE #3. The heads of the group, Caroline Labrèche and Steeve Léonard, now offer their first feature film, which took over two years of shooting and had no outside source of funding. The trailer promises a scatological, fantastic, romantic comedy, and the final product encompasses those three elements of humour, delivering an uninterrupted burst of cinematic gags. High-energy editing, delectable dialogues, heartwarming characters, crazy situations, animated flashbacks and a confident screenplay all contribute to a genuine success. The co-directors achieved the best with a limited budget, great inventiveness and the help of many collaborators. Among the surprise appearances are Road Kill Superstar (makers of LE BAGMAN), SPASM Festival President Jarrett Mann and DJ XL5. Besides creating a coherent universe, the group incorporates many references to STAR WARS, STAR TREK, BACK TO THE FUTURE, SEINFELD, Chuck Norris and STREET FIGHTER. Well though out and well made, Dead Cat Films’ first feature is an achievement that confirms their comedic and cinematic talent.

—Marc Lamothe (translated by Traduction Semantikos)

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