Natural Selection

Natural Selection

  • Quebec 2009
  • 10 min
  • English

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Director: Aj Korkidakis
Cast: John Thomas Rob Stephens
Producers: Aj Korkidakis, Kevin Gill Wilson and Megan Whitcher
Distributor: Little Pixels

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Courts métrages québécois DIY 1   

Courts métrages québécois DIY 1


When William Willoughby, an eccentric old inventor, realizes his biggest challenge yet - perfecting time travel- he figures he can spare a minute or two to help his dull minded landlord, who can't seem to stop getting himself killed. One would assume this to be an easy task next to the strenuous work of creating a time machine yet William quickly comes to learn that you can't outwit stupidity, and that Natural Selection sometimes isn't as obvious as one would think.
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