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Canadian Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 93 min
  • 35mm
  • English

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Director: Kyle Rankin
Screenplay: Kyle Rankin
Cast: Christopher Marquette, Brooke Nevin, Ray Wise
Producers: Rhoades Rader, Jeff Balis, T.J. Sakasegawa, Bruce Davey
Distributor: Icon Film Distribution


Cooper hates his life. His job is a pointless dead end, a meaningless slog that he accepted only under pressure from his father and is now in the process of slowly getting fired from. Dad's a sternly disapproving military nut who keeps his emotions locked up in a cast-iron box from whence they never emerge. And just when Cooper meets a girl that he thinks he might like, the whole world gets knocked unconscious by a hyper-sonic squeal and all of its inhabitants wrapped in cocoons, destined for a future as food for the giant insects that have just invaded. This sucks.

Writer-director Kyle Rankin first made his mark as a winner of Matt Damon's PROJECT GREENLIGHT, a win that led to his co-directed feature THE BATTLE OF SHAKER HEIGHTS, but it was with his independent project INSEX and webseries HELLHOLES (in which a young slacker buys a trailer that turns out to be a gateway to hell) that we first got a real taste of what Rankin was all about—postmodern comedy with a sarcastic genre edge. And with INFESTATION, Rankin dives headlong into the genre pool. Star Chris Marquette seems to be channeling a late-’80s John Cusack as he stumbles his way through the giant-insect apocalypse with a small band of survivors so witless that they are willing to accept him as their leader. His post-apocalypse life is, if we're being honest, every bit as aimless as his pre-apocalypse life was—at least, until the insects whisk off the girl he loves and Cooper finally finds a purpose. It's a suicidal purpose, sure, but a purpose nonetheless and come hell or high water he's going to save the girl! Loaded up with great big bugs, stacks of icky sight gags and a brilliant, hysterical performance from the great Ray Wise—surely the best comic B-actor on the face of the planet right now—INFESTATION is a clever, entertaining update on the giant bug flicks of the ’50s.

—Todd Brown

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