1942: Ein Last Glass Für Dich

1942: Ein Last Glass Für Dich

  • Quebec 2008
  • 5 min

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Director: Valérie Leclair
Cast: Ingrid Falaise André Nadeau Estelle Brochard
Distributor: College O Sullivan de Montreal

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Courts métrages québécois 5   

Courts métrages québécois 5


During WWII, a spy from the 3rd Reich is sent to London to kill a British agent. She eventually locates him in a cabaret club and plans to poison him. She has no trouble seducing him and pours poison into his glass. He falls under her spell as they dance. The couple return to the bar for a drink and toast one another. The spy is already savouring her victory, but their glasses have been swapped over. The British agent gets up and leaves the cabaret, in vain she tries to hold him back before collapsing onto the floor.
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