Sponsored by: STM
  • Quebec 2009
  • 79 min
  • 35mm
  • English/japanese with English subtitles
Hosted by director Sanjay F. Sharma

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Director: Sanjay F. Sharma
Screenplay: Sanjay F. Sharma
Cast: Sasha Smith, Ken Proulx, Yvette Virok, Deborah Baum
Producers: Sanjay F. Sharma
Distributor: Incendo Media


Memento mori—"Remember to die." One strange day, Syd discovers a camera-like object, which he soon uses to document his own reality. But when he starts viewing the previously recorded stories, he notices that all who have used it have come to some unfortunate end. Not long afterwards, he begins experiencing disturbing hallucinations and unwanted visions—and realizes that unless he can unlock the secret before him, he will die. Maybe the answers lay with Rees, an enigmatic, beautiful young woman who only recently disappeared after using the "object." Maybe they’re found with Kenjiro, a young Japanese boy, roaming the wastelands of a destroyed Japan. Or maybe the answers are with Sarasvati, the grown-up daughter of a scientist, one of the few who seemed to understand the "Arcanum." Little does he know that the secret that awaits him, a secret that cuts across the very fabric of reality, will either lead him to his death—or open the doors to life’s greatest miracle.

An inventive, ambitious and existential local science-fiction film, ARCANUM screened at Fantasia 2006 as a work in progress, and this year we’re proud to screen the completed 35mm version of this unconventional Montreal creation, featuring new visual effects, final colour-grading and beefed-up sound. Director Sanjay F. Sharma went above and beyond the limits of his indie budget to provide the viewer with a thought-provoking film that manages to break new ground in its genre. Shot in HD, the film features impressive visuals, exotic locations and a score by noted Montreal electronic musician David Kristian.

—Eric Lavoie

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