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The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle

International Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 100 min
  • HD
  • English
Official Selection, Sundance Film Festival 2009
Official Selection, South by Southwest 2009
Official Selection, San Francisco International Film Festival 2009

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“A pure unalloyed delight... what could be either an acid-vision experimental arthouse film or a zany pseudo-subversive gender farce transcends both and becomes a truly remarkable film” — Michael Dunaway, PASTE MAGAZINE

“Relentlessly strange, courageous, and hyperactive... a borderline-sweet tale that's honestly like nothing you've ever seen” — Marc Savlov, AUSTIN CHRONICLE


Director: David Russo
Screenplay: David Russo
Cast: Marshall Allman, Vince Vieluf, Natasha Lyonne, Tania Raymonde, Tygh Runyan
Producers: Peggy Case
Distributor: Visit Films


There has never been a film quite like THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION OF LITTLE DIZZLE. It’s a quick-witted outsider comedy and an eccentric coming-of-age tale. With pregnant male characters giving birth to creatures. It’s a love story. Kind of. A radical social satire. And an anarchistic head trip, punctuated with wild visual invention and animated flashes. It very well may be this generation’s REPO MAN. Got your attention? Read on!

Young Dory (Marshall Allman) works a corporate office job and is in no way a happy camper. One total meltdown later, he’s very much unemployed—and perhaps now eminently unemployable. And then, a light at the end of the tunnel: a janitorial night-shift gig, cleaning the very same kinds of places that all but cost Dory his sanity. He’s well overqualified for the job, but he takes it, joining up with a team of establishment-hating janitors as he begins a new leg of life, scrubbing the toilets of the privileged. One night, Dory makes a revolting and rather fluorescent-coloured discovery inside a toilet bowl, a hint at things to come. This is nothing compared to the not-quite-ready-for-FDA-prime-time, self-warming cookies that Dory and his friends have become addicted to. Strange things, these cookies that just happen to be under experimental development. They come with an arsenal of unpleasant side effects—cramps, nausea, mood swings. But they’re just so damn good, Dory is willing to put up with whatever downsides come with them. That is, until he discovers that he, and several of his friends, are now... pregnant!

This is a very funny and poignant film, one of the most refreshing things you’re going to see anywhere this year. Decked wall to wall with unique performances from a cast that’s likely to attain immortality, LITTLE DIZZLE could almost be an unlikely four-way love child between Richard Linklater, Judd Apatow, Dan Clowes and William S. Burroughs, balancing toilet humour with spiritual ponderings, body horror/metamorphosis and explosive gender grenades. A quasi-intellectual gross-out youth comedy! It also captures the subcultural trappings of an “invisible” blue-collar job with an accuracy rarely seen in film. Scripted and directed with an imagination that is absolutely on fire, this is a razor-sharp debut from David Russo, a rare kind of film where almost every other beat packs its own neat surprise. His immaculate conception has given birth to a soon-to-be cult classic that will touch you in the most surprising of places.

—Mitch Davis

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