Panorama : Seeking Voïvod

Panorama : Seeking Voïvod

  • Quebec 2008
  • 22 min
  • French with English subtitles

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Director: Jean.Marc E.Roy
Cast: Louis Champagne Stéphane Crête Paul Sarrasin Denis Bélanger Michel Langevin
Producers: JEAN.MARC E.ROY & Le CALQ
Distributor: lesproductionscrackheäd

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Courts métrages québécois DIY 1   

Courts métrages québécois DIY 1


Followint the reformation of Jonquière's mythic band Voïvod, and marked by the fact that they do not yet have their own musicography, two young documentarists from Saguenay decide to take up the challenge and present this idea to their (future) producer, Louis Champagne.
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