Le poulailler des temps perdus

Le poulailler des temps perdus

Sponsored by: Le Cinéclub: The Film Society
  • Quebec 1977
  • 14 min
  • 16mm
  • French

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Director: Stéphane Dupuis, Franco Battista
Cast: Joe Battista, Daniel Charest, Stéphane Dupuis, Nicole Légaré, Kaspar Oghiguian
Producers: Productions de la Chouette
Distributor: Le Cinéclub: The Film Society

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Le Renne Blanc   

Le Renne Blanc

Valkoinen Peura
The White Reindeer
1952 | 75 min
Finnish language, French subtitles


A radioactive meteor lands on a farm in rural Quebec, causing one of its chickens to mutate into a colossal beast. The feathered creature eventually ends up in downtown Montreal, terrorizing citizens before climbing atop Notre Dame church to attack people with giant eggs that shoot from its ass! This hilarious spoof of ’50s B-movies features outstanding stop-motion work by Stephane Dupuis (David Cronenberg’s Oscar-winning effects person, who has also worked with both Lucas and Spielberg). His Ray Harryhausen-style animated sequences will astound you. There are but three prints of this title that exist in the world and it is not available on any other format but 16mm. Another treasure from the Film Society vaults!

—Philippe Spurrell

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