The Diary

Canadian Premiere

  • Quebec 2008
  • 14 min
  • English/french with English subtitles

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Director: Benjamin Lussier
Cast: Antoni Porowski Jonathan Marquis Carolyn Fe Trinidad Vanessa Haugel Émilie Brodeur
Producers: Benjamin Lussier
Distributor: Gonk Films

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Courts métrages québécois 1   

Courts métrages québécois 1


Eric, a young New-Yorker working for a prestigious advertising company is transferred to Montreal, Canada. Alone in a foreign, French-speaking city, he decides to start a diary to break his solitude. Observing his surroundings in silence, Eric still manages to find humourin all of his social indiscretions and faux pas. A series of random encounters will break him out of his shell and give him the opportunity to finally settle into his new environment.
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