Death Rally

World Premiere

  • Quebec 2009
  • 27 min
  • English with French subtitles

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Director: Martin Bruyère
Cast: Steve Frappier, Nancy Kenny
Producers: Martin Bruyère
Distributor: Productions Actum Imago

Part of...

Courts métrages québécois DIY 3   

Courts métrages québécois DIY 3


Out of money and desperate, Etienne and Debby agreed to borrow moneyfrom the estrange Scooter Gang Leader Big Yo. In exchange they had toagree to become hired killers as repayment. But mere murder is not all they have to face. Big Yo is fond ofdevising elaborate and original ways to have his contract killingsdone. And for what might finally become their last contract, Big Yo haselaborated for our couple a killing spree, rally style. 10 kills in 8 hours! If not completed on time, they will have to continue killing forquite some time for the insane Big Yo!
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