À quelle heure le train pour nulle part

(Train to Nowhere)
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World Premiere

  • Quebec 2008
  • 78 min
  • video
  • French with English subtitles
World Premiere, hosted by director Robin Aubert and actor Luis Bertrand

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Director: Robin Aubert
Screenplay: Robin Aubert, Luis Bertrand, Mélanie Gauthier, Derek Kennedy
Cast: Luis Bertrand
Producers: Robin Aubert
Distributor: Lynx Films


In the bathroom of a Motel Canada room, a man is covered in blood. Is it his? After he has cleaned and changed himself, he steps out of the motel and finds himself in New Delhi, India. And so begins the enigmatic À QUELLE HEURE LE TRAIN POUR NULLE PART, the second elliptical feature film by Robin Aubert, following the odyssey of a Quebecois (Luis Bertrand) through India and his meandering search for his missing twin brother. Not much is known about his brother, but it’s quickly apparent that the relationship between the twins is rather complicated. Our protagonist sets out on his quest, following the few clues he has gathered here and there, and his path will take him across a mysterious India. Several resolutely surrealist and cryptic dreams are strewn throughout this adventure, an impossible mission to find one man among a billion. During his voyage, he will have many encounters, discovering a country that fascinates him and, in some ways, offers a reflection of himself.

The whole of À QUELLE HEURE LE TRAIN POUR NULLE PART was filmed in India with natural lighting—and without any script!—by a small crew and one actor. For his second feature film, Robin Aubert moves far away from SAINT MARTYRS OF THE DAMNED and surprises with a rough and fascinating film. À QUELLE HEURE LE TRAIN POUR NULLE PART is the first part of FANTOMES ET VOYAGES, a five-part series shot on five continents. Aubert offers us an amazing sensory experience where atmosphere and unfamiliarity confront the character, as well as the audience, in a foreign land. The lens grabs hold of the slightest gesture and fine detail. A high-strung editing job adds on to the film’s mood of urgency. The many phantasmagorical sequences augment the suspense.

Robin Aubert is carrying forward his career as an actor and as a writer/director. In 1997 and 1998, Aubert participated in COURSE DESTINATION-MONDE. After this journey, during which he filmed more than 15 documentary films, he won a People’s Choice and a Silver Camera award as well as a prize from SODEC. As an actor, he has taken many leading roles on the big and small screens. As a writer/director, Aubert is the creator of numerous short films and music videos, one medium feature and one feature film, 2005’s SAINT MARTYRS OF THE DAMNED, which competed in various international festivals, was awarded prestigious prizes and was bought in many countries. Aubert is presently getting ready to shoot his next feature film, À L’ORIGINE D’UN CRI.

—Marc Lamothe (translated by Karen Aye)

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