• S. Wayne Clarkson

    Supporting Canadian talent and creating Canadian content that engages audiences at home and abroad is a unity of purpose we all share. Bringing the industry together to admire the art form, as well as identify innovations that address some of the challenges we face as an industry is particularly encouraging – and essential within the new paradigm of multiplatform content creation and delivery.

    Achieving truth and beauty through film is a noble enterprise – one that begins with a whisper of inspiration, matures through the talent and hard work of many, and ends with a moment of reckoning, when film lovers revel in a cinematic experience together.

    Events such as the Fantasia International Film Festival strengthen the industry as a whole by drawing attention to Canadian productions, encouraging a diversity of voices, developing talent, and fostering creative collaboration and business deals. Most importantly, these events provide you, the festival-goer, with an opportunity to discover outstanding works.

    Thanks to the filmmakers who continue to push the envelope on artistic expression from a Canadian viewpoint; and congratulations to the event organizers and volunteers for your tireless efforts in delivering another important event.

    S. Wayne Clarkson

    S. Wayne Clarkson
    Executive Director, Telefilm Canada

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