• Gérald Tremblay

    As North America's premier genre film festival, Fantasia has forged a solid reputation for itself here and abroad among cinephiles and members of the films industry from around the world.

    This prestigious event not only serves as an outstanding showcase for Montréal, but helps enhance the city's status as a cultural metropolis. With its wide-ranging programming, the festival also presents an opportunity to use film as a means of exploring the wealth and diversity of different cultures.

    I extend my warm thanks to the organizers of Fantasia, who each year select some 100 feature films from over 20 nations. These movies will certainly strike strong emotional chords among us.

    To all festival-goers: Welcome to Montréal!

    Gérald Tremblay

    Gérald Tremblay
    Mayor of Montréal

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