Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

La fin arrive...mais il reste quelques morceaux de choix à se mettre sous la dent.

July 21st, 2008 12:49:00

The Moss, (Hong Kong) Dir.: Derek Kwok - International premiere
Taking place in the seedy underworld of gangsters, double agents, informers and moles, the second film from rising star Derek Kwok is a fairy tale disguised as a lurid film noir, with action galore. Fantasia is proud to present its international premiere.

Going By the Book

Going By the Book (South Korea) Dir.: Ra Hee-chan - North American premiere
With the cleverest premise for a film in ages, first-time director Ra Hee-chan turns the traditional bank heist movie on its head, subverting all the conventions of the genre while at the same time managing to work in elements of satire and social criticism, slapstick and more subtle forms of humour—and the result is magical. Despite the comedic elements, the director injects some real suspense and drama to the proceedings—a difficult balancing act to achieve, realised with great skill. A must-see!


Alone. (Thailand) Dir.: Banjong Pisanthanakun & Parkpoom Wongpoom – Montreal premiere
The sophomore effort from the directing duo behind SHUTTER, ALONE proves once again that Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom are among the very finest horror directors Asia has to offer. The premise is sterling, the directors smart enough to know when to play to expectations and when to twist and subvert them, and the technical end of the film so strong that it should come as no surprise that ALONE has been scooping up awards by the armful all around the world.

Le Tueur

Le Tueur. (France) Dir : Cédric Anger – North American Premiere
On Christmas Eve, a business man discovers a killer for hire is after him. Instead of calling the police, he gives the hitman a strange proposition. This impressive first film is rich in suspense, inciting a state of red alert in its audience, captive to its constant twists and ricochets. The perfect blend of genre flick and auteur cinema, this masterfully directed film noir finds Cédric Anger reaching for the ranks of Jean-Pierre Melville.

Dance of the Dead. (USA) Dir : Gregg Bishop – Canadian Premiere
For your prom night, make sure to have a date, a limo and enough weapons to kill uninvited zombies. A real crowd-pleaser at Slamdance, this bloody comedy throws living dead into John Hughes’ universe. Hilarious and furiously gory, this is the best horror parody since SHAUN OF THE DEAD !

Ex Drummer

Ex Drummer (Belgium) Dir.: Koen Mortier – Montreal premiere
Immensely vulgar, shockingly violent, deeply politically incorrect, EX DRUMMER is a powerfully raw piece of work, one that picks mercilessly at the scab covering its lead’s spiritual disease, one that brutally confronts the passive middle class with the harsh word that they are, in fact, worse off than the coarse, crude masses they so easily dismiss and look down upon. It is a bruising experience not easily forgotten.

Tokyo Gore Police... (Japan) Dir.: Yoshihiro Nishimura - Canadian premiere
Ruka is a cop, and she has a body full of scars to prove it. The fact that most of these scars were self-inflicted is another story. Her squad’s mission is to destroy homicidal mutant humans known as “engineers.” Action, kink and unbelievable degrees of carnage carve out Ruka’s path to retribution. In the lead role our guest Eihi Shiina, familiar from Takashi Miike’s notorious AUDITION.

Tokyo Gore Police