Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

Grégoire Colin and Le Tueur received a warm welcome.

July 20th, 2008 16:32:00

Grégoire Colin
Grégoire Colin

The theater was packed and the crowd was agitated.

Gregoire Colin, the actor in the movie ‘Le tueur’, came to meet Fantasia’s public for the North-American premiere of the film. This French film noir, who according to some, bring back to mind Jean-Pierre Melville (‘Le samurai’ and ‘Le cercle rouge’) creates expectations. The theater was packed and the crowd was agitated. But, when faced by the quality of the movie, the actors’ unfailing performance, and the incredible aesthetics, this first full-length feature film from Cedric Anger, and his first screenplay since ‘Le petit lieutenant’, we can affirm that success was achieved. Gregoire Colin came to answer the public’s questions.

Photo © : 2008, Pierre Roussel

Stephanie Trépanier, director of the newly established distribution company ‘Evokative Films’ also came to address a few words to the crowd. It is worth mentioning that the movie ‘Le tueur’ is this company’s first acquisition. Also, ‘Evocative Films’ recently announce their second acquisition, the excellent ‘Adrift in Tokyo’ which attracted much attention during the first days of Fantasia 2008.

Nicolas Archmbault
Translated by Suzanne Giguere

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