Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

July 17th 2008

July 17th, 2008 04:25:00

The Detective (Hong Kong) Dir.: Oxide Pang - North American premiere
Hong Kong heartthrob Aaron Kwok plays the bemused and confused Tam, a low-rent private eye in Bangkok’s Chinatown, in this wickedly fun, subtly twisted film noir from director Oxide Pang, with his twin brother Danny co-producing. The border-hopping, task-trading Hong Kong twosome (BANGKOK DANGEROUS, THE EYE) has earned a reputation for rich, gritty photography and edgy editing, white-knuckle shocks and slow-burning urban cool. THE DETECTIVE also displays a pronounced wit, adding flavour to the tension.

North American premiere of Dark Floors

Dark Floors (Finland / Iceland) Dir.: Pete Riski - North American premiere
Yes, kids, the Fear is Here in the form of DARK FLOORS, the motion picture conceived by and starring Finnish heavy metal act Lordi, who play the villains of the piece. Directed by the band’s longtime music video director Pete Riski, DARK FLOORS is a surprisingly polished and serious piece of work, one that avoids playing the camp card.

I Think We’re Alone Now (USA) Dir : Sean Donnelly – Montreal Premiere hosted by Sean Donelly.
A film about Tiffany stalkers! For two weeks in 1987, teen goddess Tiffany blasted her pop rocket through the charts with a hit cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now.” 21 years later, she still has her share of obsessive stalkers. Hilarious and ultimately heartbreaking, this extraordinary doc drops you headfirst into the worlds of two of them: 50-year-old Jeff Turner and thirty-something hermaphrodite Kelly McCormick. Always impossible to turn away from and reminiscent of grungier Errol Morris, I THINK... slyly evolves from being frequently laugh-out-loud hysterical into a compassionate, haunting depiction of delusion and loneliness.

Yam Laranas will host the world premiere of The Echo

The Echo (USA) Dir : Yam Laranas – World Premiere hosted by Yam Laranas.
Several years ago, Fantasia was the first festival in the country to show Filipino filmmaker Yam Laranas` spectral chiller SIGAW. Now, in 2008, we are delighted to be the first fest in the world to show its US remake, directed by Laranas himself, and produced by none other than Roy Lee (THE DEPARTED, THE RING, THE GRUDGE). Laranas’ film puts a unique spin on the Asian ghost story by rooting the horror not in technology, not even so much in his ghosts, but in the everyday violence that you simply cannot help but encounter when living in a big American city.

Handle Me With Care (Thaïland) Dir : Kongdej Jaturanrasamee – North-American Premiere, hosted by producer Yongyoot Thongkongtoon.
Get set for a Thai romantic comedy unlike any you’ve seen before, not least because its main character happens to have three arms! Written and directed by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee (MIDNIGHT MY LOVE), best known in these parts as the screenwriter of the Tony Jaa vehicle TOM YUM GOONG/THE PROTECTOR, HANDLE ME WITH CARE is yet another example of what makes the better visions of Thai cinema so unique in a commercial landscape of sameness. It works the outrageous into something that gradually begins to feel like the everyday, eschewing the louder kookiness that you might expect in favour of something understated and sweet. And still kooky!

Who Is KK Downey? with Darren Curtis, Pat Kiely, Matt Silver, Dan Haber, Kieran Crilly & Brandi-Ann Milbradt

Who Is KK Downey? (Canada) Dir : Darren Curtis & Pat Kiely – Canadian Premiere hosted by The Kidnapper Films Team.
Hardly unfamiliar to fans of cool comedy and indie filmmaking in Montreal, the Kidnapper Films crew­the firecracker talents behind the shorts THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE and SHARKBOY, and the popular Kidnapper Show live events­unveil their debut feature film, and it’s a doozy. Riffing on the infamous literary hoax of J.T. Leroy, KK savagely skewers pretentious, directionless hipsters and the cults of personality they create. It has already nabbed awards and roars of audience approval at the Cinequest and Boston Underground film fests, and that`s no surprise. This film is sharp as a whip and absolutely hilarious.

L: Change the World (Japan) Dir.: Hideo Nakata – Canadian premiere
If, like millions the world over, you’re gripped by the momentous, morbid mind games and starling originality of the world of DEATH NOTE, you’ll be happy to know that its protagonist L is back in this fascinating offshoot. And guess who’s in the director’s chair! None other than Hideo Nakata, the very same who crafted the prototypical J-horror sensations RINGU, RINGU 2 and DARK WATERS.

Legendary Bill Moseley will introduce Babysitter Wanted

Babysitter Wanted (USA) Dir : Jonas Barnes & Michael Manasseri – Canadian Premiere hosted by Michael Manasseri.
A prude young girl, a child to babysit in the middle of nowhere, anonymus phone calls and a Michael Myer lookalike lurking in the night. Sounds familiar ? It isn’t ! Sure, it obeys the venerable rules of the slasher film, but co-directors Jonas Barnes and Michael Manasseri deviously drag things in an unexpected direction. Diabocally fun and featuring a cast of fantastic actors, BABYSITTER WANTED breathes a gust of originality into a subgenre too often criticized for its redundancy.