Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

A one-armed Faye Dunaway against a zombie !?!

July 14th, 2008 02:08:00

From Inside

From Inside (USA) Dir : John Bergin – World premiere
The world is a scorched and brutal place, nothing but wreckage after the inevitable arrival of the nuclear apocalypse. Travelling on a train pushing onward through the devastation, a pregnant woman carries in herself humanity’s last hope. From comic book artist John Bergin comes a nightmarish vision of the future. This somptuous animated film will haunt you till the end of the world.

The Shadow Spirit (Japan) Dir.: Masato Harada - North American premiere
The second adaptation of an award-winning novel from a series by celebrated mystery writer Natsuhiko Kyogoku, hailed as Japan’s modern Edgar Allan Poe, comes care of Masato Harada (KAMIKAZE TAXI, BOUNCE KO GALS). Set during Japan’s post-war era, THE SHADOW SPIRIT is a fiendishly fun cocktail of gruesome murder and strange magic, diabolical deeds and daring detective work, weird science and otherworldly whispers—and a rich period piece boasting captivating and complex characters, fleshed out by a truly wonderful cast.

Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story

Spine Tingler! The William Castle Story (USA) Dir.: Jeffrey Schwarz – Montreal premiere
Markedly different from today’s dispassionate marketing ballyhoo, Castle’s gimmicks were truly individualistic and full of his personality, juiced with pure adoration for cinema and a contagious spirit of playfulness. Jeffrey Schwartz’s doc tells Castle’s astounding rags-to-riches story with gusto, using a wealth of archival footage punched up by entertaining reflections from the likes of John Waters, Roger Corman, Joe Dante (whose wonderful MATINEE was a feature-length Castle tribute), Marcel Marceau, Stuart Gordon, John Badham, Forry Ackerman and John Landis.

No Mercy For the Rude (South Korea) Dir.: Park Choel-hie - Montreal premiere
A mute hitman, who’s sheltering a beautiful young woman and a tough young boy, lives by his own moral code—he’ll only kill bad guys, the kind of people who prey on others. One of the most anticipated Asian films of recent years, in which comedy, action and romance sit side by side.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (USA) Dir : Jonathan Levine - Montreal Premiere
A critically-acclaimed and surprisingly provocative reworking of traditional slasher film themes, MANDY plays somewhat like a homicidal sister act to VIRGIN SUICIDES with razor-sharp (and often very funny) dialogue, heaps of tension, lacerating moments of violence and a garish visual aesthetic blasting out from its frames. That it’s also a smart, dark discourse on Objectification only sweetens the mix!

Gangster VIP (Japan) Dir.: Toshio Masuda – Canadian premiere
Toshio Masuda, Nikkatsu's top director of action films for nearly a decade, called GANGSTER VIP "a youth film that happens to be set in the yakuza world," and its hero "a kid who's become twisted through no fault of his own, who deserves sympathy.". Masuda's masterful film is punctuated by taut action sequences, climaxing in a riveting finale.


Flick (UK) Dir : David Howard – North American Premiere hosted by David Howard et Rik Hall.
A rockabilly zombie horror-comedy from the UK co-starring Faye Dunaway? You better believe it! You’ve never seen anything quite like FLICK, the luridly coloured throwback to ’50s B-movies with its tragicomic spin on the zombie mythos and the stones to cast a legendary, Oscar-winning actress as a one-armed cop ruthlessly hunting down her undead quarry. In 1950`s Wales, a lonely young man is killed after trying to woo a mobster`s girlfriend. In modern-day England, he comes back to claim his now-senior love and wreak bloody vengeance on those who wronged him decades ago.