Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

Tak Sakaguchi is in the house

July 13th, 2008 16:40:00

Always: Sunset on Third Street 2 (Japan) Dir.: Takashi Yamazaki - Canadian premiere
The sequel to the technical tour-de-force that was the first ALWAYS film, ALWAYS: SUNSET ON THIRD STREET 2 revisits the charming cast of characters drawn from an immensely popular, long-running Japanese manga series. Director Yamazaki Takahashi and his topnotch team outdo themselves with ALWAYS 2, which goes further still in digitally creating, down to minute details, an accurate presentation of Tokyo in 1959, infusing it with a vividness and warmth reflective of Japan’s plucky optimism in that era. Oh, and a very familiar figure makes a surprise cameo…

Robo Rock (Japan) Dir.: Taikan Suga – North American premiere
Outlandish gangsters and blazing gun battles! Mad science and retro robot action right out of the classic sci-fi pulps! Japanese teens rocking the freakiest fashions! Cosmopolitan cool and red-hot rock ’n’ roll attitude! And as a completely uncalled-for bonus, Kenichi Endo, possibly Japan’s answer to Udo Kier, as the slimy crook Ibuse! You’ll find it all in ROBO ROCK.

The Chasing World (Japan) Dir: Issei Shibata - Canadian premiere
With this delightful adaptation of the novel by Yusuke Yamada, Issei Shibata delivers an admirable exercise in clever counterpoint. The pumping adrenaline of the desperate footrace that threads THE CHASING WORLD, a motif of arcade-game simplicity, as well as the deliberate toying with corny B-movie tropes, are played off an intriguing premise aligned with the transposed realities of Philip K. Dick, an understated, eerily melancholy classical music score, and moments of true darkness.

A Colt Is My Passport (Japan) Dir.: Takashi Nomura – Canadian premiere
Takashi Nomura's A COLT IS MY PASSPORT has a lot in common with Seijun Suzuki's classic BRANDED TO KILL, from its atmospheric black-and-white stylistics to its hunted hitman hero, played in both pics by Joe Shishido. A runaway hit everywhere it's screened, its unforgettable finale is guaranteed to get audiences cheering, and will have you instantly hooked and eager for another hit of Nikkatsu Action!

Be a Man! Samurai School (Japan) Dir.: Tak Sakaguchi – North-American premiere, hosted by Tak Sakaguchi
As an actor and martial artist, Tak Sakaguchi conquered Montreal crowds with the cult classic VERSUS, and such Fantasia fare as AZUMI, BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL and DEATH TRANCE. With the wild and woolly comedy BE A MAN!, an adaptation of a resoundingly popular manga, the Japanese fight-flick superstar makes his directorial debut, and he’ll be here in Montreal in person to present its North American premiere at Fantasia. Parodying grand and deathly serious martial arts epics, Sakaguchi nonetheless remains faithful to his craft with his intense and meticulously choreographed combat sequences.

Be a Man! Samurai School

Muay Thai Chaiya (Thailand) Dir.: Kongkiat Khomsiri - Canadian premiere
There’s no denying Kongkiat Khomsiri’s debut as a solo director, after being part of the gang behind ultra-gory ART OF THE DEVIL 2, will strike many as familiar on more than one level. Capably written and performed, laced with strong action scenes and a fantastic sense of period detail courtesy of art direction from CITIZEN DOG and TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER director Wisit Sasanatieng, MUAY THAI CHAIYA adds some much-needed narrative depth to the world of Thai action films.

Home Movie (USA) Dir : Christopher Denham – World Premiere hosted by Andrew van den Houten.
Parents documenting their infants’ behaviour are confronted by the fact that the children have a frightening cruel streak that appears to be getting more severe by the day. The most mature and provocative entry yet in the current wave of “reality horror” filmmaking, HOME MOVIE takes us into the troubled household of the idealized American family-next-door, laying bare their darkest power struggles and most disturbing transgressions. Ferociously smart and frightening, it recalls the ‘70s cycle of horror films that deconstructed the family unit in horrifically revealing ways. A chilling masterpiece from a major new talent, this film will absolutely paralyze you.

Akanbo shôjo (Japan) Dir.: Yûdai Yamaguchi - Canadian premiere
A teenage girl finally meets her real parents, but something seems very, very wrong about them. The many fans that Yûdai Yamaguchi gained with his gems BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL and CROMATIE HIGH SCHOOL will be delighted by his latest, replete with inventive acts of cruelty and mutant babies. A cinematic nightmare drawn from the mangas of Kazuo Umezu.

Akanbo shôjo

The Detective (Hong Kong) Dir.: Oxide Pang - North American premiere
Hong Kong heartthrob Aaron Kwok plays the bemused and confused Tam, a low-rent private eye in Bangkok’s Chinatown, in this wickedly fun, subtly twisted film noir from director Oxide Pang, with his twin brother Danny co-producing. The border-hopping, task-trading Hong Kong twosome (BANGKOK DANGEROUS, THE EYE) has earned a reputation for rich, gritty photography and edgy editing, white-knuckle shocks and slow-burning urban cool. THE DETECTIVE also displays a pronounced wit, adding flavour to the tension.

From Inside(USA) Dir : John Bergin – World premiere
The world is a scorched and brutal place, nothing but wreckage after the inevitable arrival of the nuclear apocalypse. Travelling on a train pushing onward through the devastation, a pregnant woman carries in herself humanity’s last hope. From comic book artist John Bergin comes a nightmarish vision of the future. This somptuous animated film will haunt you till the end of the world.

From Inside

Trailer Park of Terror (USA) Dir : Steven Goldmann – Canadian Premiere hosted by Stephen Goldmann.
Being stuck living in a trailer park is bad enough, but for Norma, things are much worse. She's undead in one. Being the queen of the trailer park isn't all it cracked up to be when your only company consists of zombified trailer trash. Lucky for Norma and her crew of corpses, a school bus full of Bible-camp rejects and their pastor just rolled into town! A cross between EC Comics, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, 2000 MANIACS and Jerry Springer`s kookiest guests, this ultraviolent horror-comedy from former Montrealer Steven Goldmann blew audiences away at this year`s Slamdance.

Trailer Park of Terror