Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008


July 11th, 2008 15:07:00

Accuracy of Death (Japan) Dir.: Masaya Kakei - Canadian premiere
Based on the popular novel of the same name by Kotaro Isaka, ACCURACY OF DEATH explores territory not entirely different from that of the smash hit series DEATH NOTE, examining morality and mortality from the point of view of the supernatural beings tasked with striking down the living. Takeshi Kaneshiro (HOUSE OF FLYING DAGGERS, RETURNER), returning to Japanese cinema after a six-year absence.

The Objective (USA) Dir : Daniel Myrick – Canadian Premiere
Sent on a top secret mission in the afghan desert, a CIA agent is shocked to discover something sinister and poweful is hiding under the sand. Nine years after the unforgettable BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, Daniel Myrick is back in fine form with THE OBJECTIVE, arguably one of this year’s most important fantastic dramas. While meticulously building a shadowy and frightening fog of fear, Myrick surprises with his sharp and informed criticism of the war in Afghanistan.

Adrift In Tokyo (Japan) Dir.: Satoshi Miki - Canadian premiere
A debt-ridden loser is coerced by a surly gangster into accompanying him on a walk across Tokyo. Funny, touching and devilishly smart, this pedestrian road trip from Satoshi Miki reveals another side of the Japanese capital. Miki’s script, packed with amazing dialogue, examines urban alienation without cynicism, underlining the tension between tradition and modernity. A humanist feelgood movie with an appetite, ADRIFT IN TOKYO may well be the surprise of the year at Fantasia.

drift.jpg Adrift In Tokyo

The Assembly (China) Dir.: Feng Xiaogang.- Canadian premiere
A true historical tale of an officer struggling to have the sacrifice of his troops during the Chinese civil war recognized. A moving and action-packed film, with an opening recalling SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

Black Belt (Japan) Dir.: Shunichi Nagasaki
While attempts have been made to explore the philosophical underpinnings of martial arts (Bruce Lee’s final, incomplete GAME OF DEATH, most notably), they have been few enough that BLACK BELT stands out boldly in its field as an unadorned fable of wrong paths and righteousness. Key to its success is the fact that the three leads, while competent actors, are first and foremost certified karate masters recognized and admired in their domain.

A true historical tale of an officer struggling to have the sacrifice of his troops during the Chinese civil war recognized. A moving and action-packed film, with an opening recalling SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.

A Colt Is My Passport (Japan) Dir.: Takashi Nomura – Canadian premiere
Takashi Nomura's A COLT IS MY PASSPORT has a lot in common with Seijun Suzuki's classic BRANDED TO KILL, from its atmospheric black-and-white stylistics to its hunted hitman hero, played in both pics by Joe Shishido. A runaway hit everywhere it's screened, its unforgettable finale is guaranteed to get audiences cheering, and will have you instantly hooked and eager for another hit of Nikkatsu Action!

Shadows in the Palace en première canadienne

Shadows in the Palace (South Korea) Dir.: Kim Mee-jung - Canadian premiere
A graceful, elegant costume drama evoking the lush yet suffocating heights of medieval Korean society, SHADOWS IN THE PALACE conceals within the folds of its royal finery a grand, delightfully noir detective story shaded with chilling tones of the supernatural. Produced and directed by women—first-time director Kim Mee-jeung worked on THE KING AND THE CLOWN, a similarly resonant period piece—the film affords little screen time to males, presenting instead a rich and intricate tapestry of womanhood.

Transfigured Nights (New Zealand) Dir: David Blyth – North American Premiere hosted by David Blyth.
By way of Webcams, Blyth assembles the eloquent confessions of the taboo-breaking men and women. Those persons come from a number of countries, but while their reasons are even more varied, they are there for one shared reason: a passion for sexually-charged masquerade. Shown at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, this experimental doc will make you question your boundaries and draw you to the far frontier of alternative sexuality.

Bound for Pleasure (New Zealand) Dir : David Blyth – Canadian Premiere hosted by David Blyth.
BOUND FOR PLEASURE investigates the business side of fetish culture through interviews with women for whom whips and chains are a profession more than a perversion. They share their thoughts on why certain men desperately need to submit to their commands, and in fact invite the viewer to sit in on sessions.

treanfugure.jpg Première ord Américaine de Transfigured Nights en présence de David Blyth

X-Cross (Japan) Dir.: Kenta Fukasaku – Canadian premiere
Kenta Fukasaku, scripter of both BATTLE ROYALE films (and co-director of the second) and son of legendary filmmaker Kinji Fukasaku, sees his considerable talents erupt into full radical bloom with X-CROSS, a crazy cool horror-comedy that practically defies conventional description. A pair of young girls go to a remote town for relaxation, only to learn that the entire place is full of inbred foot fetishists who absolutely live for cutting off women’s feet! Staunchly eccentric and wildly entertaining, X-CROSS can almost be described as a Lynchian version of WICKER MAN smash-filtered through RASHOMON and GOZU.

Shamo (Hong kong / Japan) Dir.: Soi Cheang - Canadian premiere
If Soi Cheang’s DOG BITE DOG came at you like a punch to the gut, then his follow-up film, SHAMO, is a kick in the teeth. Stylish, emotionally raw and intensely violent, this is a film that leaves its audiences just as battered, bruised and beaten as its lead character.

Bad Biology (USA) Dir : Frank Henenlotter - Canadian Premiere hosted by Frank Henenlotter and R.A. Thorburn.
This already-notorious comeback film from midnight movie legend Frank Henenlotter (BASKET CASE, BRAIN DAMAGE) is a fluid-drenched fantasy about a hip fetish photographer with a mutated sex drive and a superspeed metabolism that causes her no shortage of bloody problems. This is easily Henenlotter’s most twisted work to date, and that’s really saying something! Co-scripted with rapper and long-time Henenlotter fan R.A. Thorburn (R.A. the Rugged Man). You`re about to learn why Henenlotter is one of John Waters` favourite filmmakers.

bad_biologie.jpg Bad Biology hosted by Frank Henenlotter and R.A. Thorburn