Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Spoken Word, Multimedia & Performance Art : Inspector Bronco Live!

Inspector Bronco Live!Durango Pictures invites you to an explosive event:

Friday, July 18th at 9PM - D.B. Clarke Theatre
The number-one hard-boiled cop on the Bombay police force and a “specialist” in infiltration, Inspector Ramanath Bronco is routinely dispatched on globetrotting crime-fighting missions—but watch out for the fallout!

A savvy melange of James Bond, Inspector Clouseau and… Ravi Shankar! That’s Inspector Bronco, fearless in the face of out-of-sync dubbing, absurd situations, delirious production and of course impeccable outfits and scenery!

His missions may have taken him from Rome to Rio with a pitstop in Venice, all in the name of combating crime, but this July, Inspector Bronco is disembarking in Montreal, in the flesh, to crack the case!

A loving homage to TV action shows from the ’60s through the ’80s, the INSPECTOR BRONCO LIVE! event is an amazing spectacle mixing live performances, on-stage brawls, music, film clips, burlesque, romance, Hindu theology and tandoori chicken!

Accompanied by 6 stuntman-actors and 3 stunt-musicians, INSPECTOR BRONCO will sing your favourite tunes and cheerfully destroy his sumptuous décor for your entertainment pleasure!

Inspector Bronco Live!

Trailer and Website

Trailer: http://www.inspectorbronco.com
Website: http://inspectorbronco.com/extras_fantasia.html