Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Spoken Word, Multimedia & Performance Art : Infection

InfectionFor the very first time, a live theatrical production is part of Fantasia’s programming!

Saturday, July 19th at 9:30 PM - D.B. Clarke Theatre

INFECTION is perhaps the stage equivalent of the wave of handicam cinema—think CLOVERFIELD, DIARY OF THE DEAD and BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. The audience finds itself spying on a theatre troupe rehearsing for the grand premiere of their variety show, slated to open in two days. The rehearsal isn’t going as well as it should. Some of the numbers aren’t up to snuff, the stage tech’s screwing up left and right, two actors just quit and another is missing entirely—in other words, it’s a catastrophe! A catastrophe that’s about to transform into a nightmare when the missing actor shows up with a wound on his arm. The horror is only beginning…

Isabelle Stephen, the actress often called the “scream queen of Quebec” due to her appearances in over 20 Canadian and American horror films, unveils her first stage play. She’s been on the radar for a while now—in 2007, she presented THE TROMA SHOW at Fantasia, a grab-bag of comical routines interspersed with short films. This year she presents INFECTION, which she wrote, directed and stars in, alongside a cast of 15 actors. Stephen guarantees that with INFECTION, she’s sharing her worst (and most entertaining) nightmare!



Director: Isabelle Stephen
Screenplay: Isabelle Stephen
Cast: Luc Bernier, Kitty Daly, Olivier DeMaisonneuve, Miguel Doucet, Stéphanie Gagnon, Steeve-Emmanuel Guillet, Pénélope Jolicoeur, Maude Michaud, Marie Pelletier, Martin Plouffe, Matthew Saliba, Isabelle Stephen
Producers: Isabelle Stephen, Jacques Stephen

Trailer and Website

Trailer: http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=SFL8JY7qa9g
Website: http://www.isabellestephen.net