Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Feature Films : Bloody Radical: Unconventional American Horror

Bloody Radical: Unconventional American HorrorThere was a time when American horror films were monsters of ingenuity, audaciousness and bravery. They seldom played safe and were often infused with politically-charged sensibilities that challenged audiences as much as shocked them senseless. In recent years, the majority of US horror films – at least the bulk of those that made it into cinemas – have been, for the most part, largely un ambitious and generic works that took the easy way out and played for the lowest common denominator. Over the past 18 months, with films like THE MIST and MULBERRY STREET, times have been changing back into a bona fide rebirth of everything that made American horror so influential and admired. This year, we`ve collected a series of 8 wholly distinctive and proudly risk-taking American genre film works into a special spotlight that will absolutely blow your mind. From the bloody rock opera of REPO and the subversive religious terrors of FROM WITHIN to the Afghanistan-set – circa October 2001 - supernatural chills of THE OBJECTIVE, this spotlight will rekindle your faith in the (deep) red, white and blue as we bear witness to the ongoing opening of a bold new chapter in American screams.