Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Feature Films : Playback In Black

Playback In BlackWith recent productions like CLOVERFIELD, DIARY OF THE DEAD, AUGUST UNDERGROUND`S PENANCE and the still-unreleased (!) POUGHKEEPSIE TAPES, the subjectively-shot verite genre film aesthetic that took root in MAN BITES DOG (and was formulated a good deal earlier with PEEPING TOM) and blossomed 9 years ago with BLAIR WITCH PROJECT has firmly evolved into a full-on subgenre that`s smack in the middle of a wave. One could be forgiven for mistaking this current cycle as one relegated to American (mostly) low-budget indie cinema. The fact is, this is a global trend, and a uniquely inspired one at that, which is what this spotlight celebrates. Here you will find an unholy trio of verité nightmares, hailing from Spain, the US and South Korea, that will shatter any concepts you may have about this style of storytelling. None are remotely alike in concept, intent or tone. All will haunt your memories for a long, long time. Proceed with caution – and an open mind. Things will be getting dangerous.

  • Home Movie

    Home Movie

    Usa 2008 | 80 min

    English language

  • REC


    Spain 2007 | 75 min

    Spanish language, English subtitles

  • The Butcher

    The Butcher

    Korea 2007 | 76 min

    Korean language, English subtitles