Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Short Film Programs : Outer Limits of Animation 2008

Outer Limits of Animation 2008Saturday, July 12th at 2:40 pm - J.A. de SŤve Theatre

A singular cinematic experience, OUTER LIMITS OF ANIMATION 2008 showcases various forms of animation and storytelling, shorts coming from around the globeóincluding many presented for the first time in North America.

For starters, Russia sends us Sergei Ryabovís animated fable THE TINY FISH, depicting a world where children can make miraclulous life to a drawn paper fish. American animator Jeff Riley presents OPERATION FISH, a stop-motion extravaganza of goldfish, a mad scientist, a martial-artist superspy and the future of mankind. PES, Americaís stop motion mastermind, surprises us with his ingenious MOTH, while England offers Chiara Ambrosioís CHARON, an captivating cross of the river Styx scored by Michael Nyman, who also produced the film.

Tunisia is represented by Fehd Chabbiís amusing MERGOZ, RENCONTRE DE 3 TYPES. OKTAPODI is a wild French 3D animated chase directed by T. Marchand and O. Delabarre. Poland surprises us with Marek Serafinskiís A SICILIAN FLEA, a surreal, Victorian-inspired animation tour de force. From Slovakia comes ABOUT SOCKS AND LOVE, a world where socks are a source of constant danger. American painter Jeff Scher literally paints LíEAU LIFE, a nostalgic tribute to diverse aquatic activities. Ji-hyun Ahnís THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES is a fragmented tale of a rather twisted family.

Marie-Josťe Saint-Pierreís animated documentary MCLARENíS NEGATIVES is a loving tribute to one of Canadaís most celebrated 20th-century artists. Speaking of whom, Montrealer Peter Ngís OP28 DMAJ NO.15 and Eric Kaplinís BRIGHT LIGHT RITE both use some McLaren-inspired techniques. And how íbout some micro-shorts? Morgan Guťganís QUOI?, Olivier Beaudoinís ZH 128 and Marc-Antoine Jacques & Valťrie Picardís PYRAMIDEÖ mindbending!

The National Film Board of Canada offers us three recent creationsóObomís touching HERE AND THERE, Tom Tasselís visual metaphor KRACH and Belinda Oldfordís ingenious COME AGAIN IN SPRING. Montrealís Mel Hoppenheim School of Animation is proud to present Caroline De Koninckís humorous GOOD GIRL, Myriam Elda Arsenaultís romantic and clever CREATURE OF HABIT and Jonathan Ngís hip-hopping humanist short, JUST ANOTHER FLOOR KIDS BATTLE. Jeff Chiba Stearnís YELLOW STICKY NOTES, made with some 2300 Post-Its, wraps things up.