Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Short Film Programs : Celluloid Experiments 2008

Celluloid Experiments 2008Friday, July 4th at midnight - J.A. de Sève Theatre

For the third year in a row, Fantasia proudly presents CELLULOID EXPERIMENTS, a selection of intrepid and inventive short films—a fever dream to drift through, in which the parade of images are worn and warped in the way of old film, while shapes and colours give form to the lyrical, the poetic, the surreal and the intimate. Presented as a world premiere is < i>16 33 45 78, a short directed by DJ XL5 in collaboration with Francis Théberge, Laurent Couture, Amélie Sakelaris, Benoit Lafrance and Fernando Collazo. It tells the story of the vinyl years of pop music at the speed of light. Months of preparation and more close to a thousand record covers were necessary to create this tribute to music of the ’50s, ’60, ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The collective Leftchannel’s BLISSFUL plunges the viewer in an endless tumble into madness. Germany’s Bert Gottschalk offers Framing, where single frames of 8mm films are compared with windows in buildings of a city. Thorsten Fleisch’s ENERGY! experiments with high-voltage discharges on photographic paper and Marvin Kren’s LOVE IS HARD AS WALLS subverts the romantic. COVERED TRACKS by American photographer Nathan Kensinger explores the Freedom Tunnel, a fifty-block train tunnel underneath Manhattan's Upper West Side (and the ruins of an underground city of the homeless). From France comes Bastien Roger’s MILK, in which images and colours are going mad and invading us. Canadian-born Noah Pink’s BAD DAY, GOOD DAY, BAD DAY adds an ingenious touch of black humour to the program. From Brazil, Leonardo Cata Preta’s DWELLERS OF THE 304 watches a solitary writer tormented by strange creatures and thoughts in his apartment. American Michael Plunkett’s MARY MARY proposes a parallel universe where we are all controlled by umbilical cords. Kelvin Bias’s TOMORROW takes a poetic, romantic approach to nuclear apocalypse. You’ll also witness micro-shorts from Daniel Faubert, Foumalade.org, François Joron, Eloi Ménard, Rachel Monnier, Jean-Francois Proulx, Julien Vallée, Anders Weberg and Vanessa Woods. Finally, this program pays a tribute to montreal’s collective TIND (This Is Not Design) with 10 of their best micro-shorts.