Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Who Is KK Downey?

Canadian Premiere

Hosted by filmmakers Darren Curtis, Pat Kiely, Matt Silver, Dan Haber, Kieran Crilly & Brandi-Ann Milbradt

WINNER: Jury Prize, Cinequest
WINNER: Audience Award, Boston Underground Film Festival

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“By far the funniest film I’ve seen at this year’s Cinequest... Curtis could be the Buscemi for a new century” – Richard von Busack, METROACTIVE

“An extremely hilarious skewering of the self-centered hipster scene” - Ted Scheid, CBS 3

“Unexpectedly funny and pointed” – Peter Keough, BOSTON PHOENIX


Director: Darren Curtis, Pat Kiely
Screenplay: Darren Curtis, Pat Kiely, Matt Silver
Cast: Darren Curtis, Matt Silver, Pat Kiely, Kristin Adams, Dan Haber, Scott Thompson,
Producers: Kieran Crilly, Darren Curtis, Pat Kiely, Brandi-Ann Milbradt
Distributor: Atopia

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Internet Alphabet   

Internet Alphabet

Canadian Premiere
2007 | 6 min
English language


Theo and Terrence are best buddies, twenty-something scenesters with big ambitions. Theo’s invested three years in his first novel, Truck Stop Hustler, the hair-raising, drug-soaked tale of a male prostitute. Terrence, a sociopathic slob with delusions of grandeur, dreams of rock ’n’ roll superstardom with all the hedonism and hero worship that entails. But the cards aren’t in their favour. Their band can’t draw flies, and the girl Terrence loves has been stolen from him by an obnoxious music journalist with an ego bigger even than his own. Theo’s book, meanwhile, is rejected by a slimy publisher (played with brio by FUBAR’s Paul Spence). Nobody, he claims, wants to hear that story from a soft, pampered suburban white boy. In a flash of desperate, dead-end inspiration, Terrence proposes a wild plan. He himself will publicly play the role of Theo’s character, K.K. Downey. The success and celebrity they crave awaits the pair, but so do terrible secrets that threaten to destroy their friendship—and worse.

Hardly unfamiliar to fans of cool comedy and indie filmmaking in Montreal, the Kidnapper Films crew—the firecracker talents behind the shorts THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE (Fantasia 2005) and SHARKBOY, and the popular Kidnapper Show events—unveil their debut feature film, and it’s a doozy. Riffing on the infamous literary hoax of J.T. Leroy, WHO IS K.K. DOWNEY? savagely skewers pretentious, directionless hipsters and the cults of personality they create. It has already nabbed awards and roars of audience approval at the Cinequest and Boston Underground film fests, and one can see why. Cleverly written and acted, capably shot and scored with cool tunes (locals Duchess says, for instance, provide the title track), WHO IS K.K. DOWNEY? is certainly a big score for the home team, sharply perceptive and ferociously funny with a big heart at its core.

—Rupert Bottenberg