Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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I Think We’re Alone Now

Montreal Premiere

WINNER: Public Prize, Best Documentary, Fantasia Film Festival

Hosted by Director Sean Donnelly
Official Selection, Slamdance Film Festival

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“Creepy-fascinating... a look at the dark side of our cultural obsession with celebrity” – Chris knight, NATIONAL POST

“Rarely does a movie take the viewer so far down the rabbit hole of obsession” – David Wilson, TRUE/FALSE

"An absolutely disturbing, wince-inducing trainwreck viewing of the highest order. These are characters so jaw-droppingly singular no scriptwriter could ever dream them up" - THE EDGE


Director: Sean Donnelly
Screenplay: Sean Donnelly
Cast: Jeff Deane Turner, Kelly McCormick, Tiffany, Dan Wholey, Cyrus Shahmir
Producers: Jordy Cohen, Phil Buccellato, Sean Donnelly
Distributor: Awesome And Modest Productions

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Documentaries From The Edge


A film about Tiffany stalkers! For two weeks in 1987, teen goddess Tiffany blasted her pop rocket through the charts with a hit cover of “I Think We’re Alone Now.” While her spotlight has since faded considerably, she continues to release albums and play gigs, maintaining a small but devoted cult following. Hilarious and ultimately heartbreaking, this extraordinary doc drops you headfirst into the worlds of two of her most obsessive fans.

50-year-old Jeff Turner believes that Tiffany writes coded messages to him in her bubblegum pop lyrics, that they’re in love but must keep their feelings hidden, and was elated to see his name appearing next to hers on the day she had him served with a restraining order. He has built a “radionic psychotronic” device that he is convinced pulls energy from photos he’s taken with Tiffany at conventions and gigs and creates a special mind link that allows them to communicate telepathically through thoughts. Jeff also loves conspiracy theories and has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Kelly McCormick is a thirty-something hermaphrodite contemplating the surgical removal of one of two sex organs, who years ago was touched by Tiffany when her music helped him/her emerge from a coma. (S)he’s been thinking about Tiffany every waking second since and has big plans for the day they can finally be together.

Both are tragic yet likeable (if sometimes more than a little creepy) eccentrics. You will find yourself alternately wanting to scream at them and give them a giant hug, and you will desperately wish that you could see them find happiness outside of their fantasies. Always impossible to turn away from, I THINK WE’RE ALONE NOW slyly evolves from being frequently laugh-out-loud hysterical into a compassionate, haunting depiction of delusion and loneliness. Like a grungier Errol Morris, first-timer Sean Donnely has captured an illuminating kind of “special.” His film will drill itself into your soul.

—Mitch Davis