Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Peur(s) du noir

(Fear(s) of the Dark)
Sponsored by: Ubisoft Canada

Canadian Premiere

Official Selection:Sundance Film Festival
Rome Film Festival
Rotterdam International Film Festival

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“Exceptionally clever” – Jay Weissberg, VARIETY

“Un ovni du cinéma d'animation qui balade son spectateur dans une multiplicité de frayeurs. […] On [lui] refuse toute lumičre et l'obscurité nourrit [sa] peur. Rien que pour cela, il faut absolument voir ce film dans une salle de cinéma.” – Joseph Ghosn, LES INROCKUPTIBLES


Director: Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre Di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, Richard McGuire
Screenplay: Jerry Kramsky, Michel Pirus, Romain Slocombe, Blutch, Charles Burns, Pierre Di Sciullo
Cast: Aure Atika, Guillaume Depardieu, Nicole Garcia, Louisa Pili, François Creton, Christian Hecq, Arthur H
Producers: Valérie Schermann, Christophe Jankovic, Vincent Tavier, Philippe Kauffman
Distributor: Celluloid Dreams

Part of...

Animated Auteur Visions   

Animated Auteur Visions


“A kinky, creepy, disgusting and disturbing ride into what keeps us all awake at night... Six of the worlds hottest artists have breathed life into their nightmares, bleeding away colour only to retain the starkness of light and the pitch black of shadows.” – Celluloid Dreams project statement

A boy with a love for insects and dead things in formaldehyde becomes involved with a strange girl who has her own deathly quirks. A man seeks shelter from a blizzard in an empty house and is slowly consumed in an opera of distorted perceptions and creeping dread. An 11-year-old girl with a traumatic past is ravaged by hallucinations in a mental institution. These are just some of the moments that await you in FEAR(S) OF THE DARK.

This animated omnibus horror film is cut from a uniquely mind-altering cloth—namely, from the visionary minds of six cutting-edge underground/alternative graphic artists and cartoonists. They include France’s Blutch, Marie Caillou and Pierre di Sciullo, Italy’s Lorenzo Mattotti and the USA’s Charles Burns and Richard McGuire. Fetish photographer/filmmaker and comic artist Romain Slocombe contributed scripting. Each artist worked with complete creative freedom to conjure their own unique interpretations of the theme “fear of the dark,” and no two perspectives, let alone styles, are even remotely alike. Nor are the segments firmly separated from each other in the way one normally finds in traditional anthology films. Like a waking dream, segments bleed over into each other and in several cases reappear and continue throughout the film, ranging the spectral gamut of temperaments and tones, from riveting story-driven horror shows to nightmarish surrealistic terror trips. If you’re a fan of animation, contemporary comics or unusual visions of the macabre, there are bottomless freakish fears for you to savour in these atmospheric, delirious and wholly cinematic explorations of the Dark.

—Mitch Davis