Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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A Tale of Legendary Libido


International Premiere

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Director: Sin Han-sol
Screenplay: Sin Han-sol
Cast: Bong Tae-kyu, Kim Sin-Ah, Oh Dal-soo
Producers: Jun Hyun
Distributor: Showbox

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From Manga to Film   

From Manga to Film


In the time of the Yi Dynasty, all the land’s men but one have gone to war. Well, there is one—a shy young rice-cake seller, Gangse, peddles his wares from house to house in a village where Yin and Yang energy have been disharmonized geographically. The sexual energy of women—“Gi”—overpowers the village, both day and night. Gangse flees the seductive advances of the village women, feeling like a blundering fool. One day, he encounters a wise old monk, who reveals to him the secret of the Yin and the Yang—a secret that helps him become a unique, beloved sexual icon! All the women of the village, and even some of the animals, line up at Gangse’s house, desperate to make love with him. His shabby dwelling begins to overflow with precious gifts from everywhere. The rumour of his unbeatable energy spreads far and wide. Good fortune seems to be with him—until he confronts an unbearable trial!

Based on a myth about the love of a man and a woman who really liked to make love to each other, the 1988 erotic film BYUNKANGSHEI, Korea’s answer to REALM OF THE SENSES, was a big hit, and efforts in a similar style were made until 1990. It was shot during all four seasons, in different regions of Korea—the beauty of this film was the locations. The title is the main character’s name and, in Korean, can be interpreted in sexual terms as “powerful symbol.” A TALE OF LEGENDARY LIBIDO is a modern version, focusing on the youth of Byunkangshei. The brilliant mixture of musical flavours, including Korean traditional song (“Chang”) and dance, enhances the fun, and the modified traditional costumes are sure to be a fashion trendsetter. It’s a mix-and-match of mythology, mirth and—ahem—mature subject matter, with a splendid line-up of talent including comedy icon Bong Tae-kyu and ART OF FIGHTING director Shin Han-sol!

—Mi-Jeong Lee