Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Seven Days

North american Premiere

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“Director/scripter Won whips together all the right ingredients to offer an edge-of-the-seat experience” - Lee Hyo-won, THE KOREA TIMES


Director: Won Sin-yeon
Screenplay: Yun Je-gu
Cast: Yunjin Kim, Kim Mi-suk, Park Hie-sun
Producers: Lim Chung-gun
Distributor: Prime Entertainment


Ji-yeon is damn good at what she does, and what she does is handle legal duties for gangsters and goons, which mostly means keeping them out from behind bars. She’s got a pretty smile and backbone of iron, and with a her fierce determination and near-prefect success rate as high, she’s certainly earned the admiration of the underworld. But that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Her hectic schedule limits the time she can spend with the young daughter she’s raising alone, so Ji-yeon intends to make the most of a mother-daughter field day together. From one moment to the next, though, her precious child simply vanishes, and Ji-yeon’s steely resolve collapses. The next day her phone rings, and the unknown voice confirms her fears—her daughter has been kidnapped and, if Ji-yeon fails to secure the release of a certain convicted murderer within the seven days remaining before his second trial, the child dies.

Gritty, complex, stylish and bursting with nervous energy, SEVEN DAYS showcases the presence and precision of its star, Kim Yun-jin. Fans of the hit television series LOST will immediately recognize her as the long-suffering Sun. Those who’ve followed the rise of the Korean cinema industry, however, will remember the Seoul-born but New York-raised actress from before that—debuting in the blockbuster SWIRI, which screened at Fantasia way back in ’99, she made her mark on Korean film before giving the States a shot. The Americans, meanwhile, are giving SEVEN DAYS a shot, with a remake in the works. Here’s your chance to catch the original on the big screen. And in the director’s chair: Won Sin-yeon, responsible for last year’s Fantasia hit, A BLOODY ARIA.

—Rupert Bottenberg