Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Tokyo Gore Police

(Tōkyō zankoku keisatsu )

Canadian Premiere

WINNER: Public Prize, Best Asian Film (Gold), Fantasia Film Festival

Hosted by Director Yoshihiro Nishimura, Actress Eihi Shiina, Actor / Action Choreographer Tak Sakaguchi and producers Yoshinori Chiba & Yoko Hayama

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“Destined for cult status... a body horror freakshow... quite possibly the weirdest, wildest splatterfest ever to come out of Japan” – Jovanka Vuckovic, RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE


Director: Yoshihiro Nishimura
Screenplay: Kengo Kaji, Sayako Nakoshi, Yoshihiro Nishimura
Cast: Eihi Shiina, Itsuji Itao, Shōko Nakahara, Sayako Nakoshi
Producers: John Sirabella, Yoko Hayama, Yoshirori Chiba, Satoshi Nakamura
Distributor: Media Blasters


How warped do you like your cinema? And how deeply is that value intertwined with a love for sexual secretions and extreme destructions and distortions of the human body? Why, you ask? Because it’s time for TOKYO GORE POLICE, kids! If William Burroughs and a splatterpunk HR Giger challenged Sion Sono to a freaky-manga/VIDEODROME/SHOGUN ASSASSIN/TETSUO-inspired one-upmanship competition in hell, you’d probably have something like this loopy, subversive blitzkrieg. Burning acid breast milk, penile pistols, living flesh furniture and the most surreal golden shower in the history of cinema are just a few of the jaw-dropping transgressions you’ll experience here, often against waterfalls of blood that explode from even the smallest paper cut!

Set in a future-world vision of Tokyo where the police have been privatized and bitter self-mutilation is so casual that advertising is often specially geared to the “cutter” demographic, TOKYO GORE POLICE is the story of samurai-sword-wielding Ruka (AUDITION’s gorgeous Eihi Shiina) and her mission to avenge her father’s assassination. Ruka is a cop, and she has a body full of scars to prove it. That most of these scars were self-inflicted is another story. Her squad’s mission is to destroy homicidal mutant humans known as “engineers.” The greatest strength of an engineer? Any injury becomes a weapon in and of itself! Action, kink and unbelievable degrees of carnage carve out Ruka’s path to retribution—occasionally interrupted by venomously satirical TV commercials that are positively brilliant. One markets a government-sponsored interactive Wii-like device that allows relatives of murder victims a hands-on means to slaughter apprehended killers long-distance. Ouch!

The man behind the fury is Yoshihiro Nishimura, making his culture-violating feature debut after gaining notoriety for his often hallucinatory FX work seen in such fest faves as MEATBALL MACHINE and Sono’s EXTE and SUICIDE CLUB, for which he also did set design and costumes. Based on Nishimura’s award-winning 1995 short ANATOMNIA EXTINCTION, written by Kengo Kaji (co-scripter of UZUMAKI) and featuring mega-hurting fight choreography by VERSUS star Tak Sakaguchi, T.G.P. is an absolutely uncompromising act of collective madness.

—Mitch Davis