Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Chanbara Beauty

Sponsored by: Ztélé

Canadian Premiere

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Director: Yohei Fukuda
Screenplay: Yohei Fukuda, Yasutoshi Murakawa
Cast: Eri Otoguro, Chise Nakamura, Manami Hashimoto, Taro Suwa
Producers: Takafumi Ôhashi, Hideo Tsujihata, Shunsuke Yamada
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment


A devious corporation’s experiments in the resurrection of the dead have left the world overrun with shambling cannibal zombies. What remains of living society has devolved into paranoid, violent scavenger packs. Out back of a disused warehouse, in which a nasty party of cocaine abuse and competitive fistfights is taking place, two dudes amuse themselves by taking potshots at staggering, slow-moving zombies. But then they train their fire on a cloaked stranger—who the bullets just bounce off of. It’s a super-zombie, leading a swarm of flesh-eating followers! Who or what could possibly defeat this unstoppable abomination?!

If you read the paragraph above and thought to yourself, “How about a foxy chick in a bikini, high-heeled boots and a cowboy hat, armed with a powerful samurai sword,” you’re in luck—CHANBARA BEAUTY is just the movie for you! Extra points, by the way, if you added to the equation a brassy babe in biker leathers toting a gun that seemingly never needs reloading, a lovable fat guy for comic relief, and a nemesis in killer kogal gear for the main protagonist. Throw in a mad scientist and some vicious vendettas and you’re really cooking with gas. The pouting, lightning-fast Eri Otoguro (last seen in the American remake of SHUTTER) plays Aya, the lead character from the popular Tamsoft videogame series ONECHANBARA (up to six instalments now!) in this adaptation to film. A crazy, blood-slicked romp culminating in a clash of savage swords and sorcery, CHANBARA BEAUTY is a cavalcade of horrifying zombie action and hot, weapon-wielding babes in lurid outfits—in other words, Grade A Japanese B-movie material!

—Rupert Bottenberg