Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Robo Rock

Sponsored by: Ubisoft Canada

North american Premiere

North American Premiere

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Director: Taikan Suga
Screenplay: Taikan Suga
Cast: Shun Shioya, Yuuichirou Nakayama, Minami, Kenichi Endo
Producers: Genero Studio/Gonzo Group
Distributor: Showgate


Pumping gas and punching a cash register just won’tcut it for spiky-haired rocker rebel Masaru. The only job he can tolerate is being what’s called a “handyman,” a general-purpose doer of dirty deeds, from calculated public outbursts of obscenity to stealing panties for perverts to scouting for potential porn stars, for his sleazy criminal employers, Ibuse and the flamboyant Tom Brothers. His friend Kou is in the same line of work, though he’ll take far darker and degrading contracts. Masaru isn’t really all that good at what he does, and largely freeloads of his scheming tattooist girlfriend Kiriko. One particular assignment, however, turns Masaru’s life upside down. He’s become the obsession of Nirasawa, a highly agitated science nerd spouting absurd tales of a secret project. It’s called Land Zeppelin, a giant robot built to defend the planet from alien invasion—which only Masaru’s voice, apparently, can control. Masaru’s highly doubtful of Nisawara’s frantic claims, which is too bad, because when he and Kou get wrapped up in a sinister drug deal, they could use a little heavy-metal help!

Outlandish gangsters and blazing gun battles! Mad science and retro robot action right out of the classic sci-fi pulps! Japanese teens rocking the freakiest fashions! Cosmopolitan cool and red-hot rock ’n’ roll attitude! And as a completely uncalled-for bonus, Kenichi Endo, possibly Japan’s answer to Udo Kier, as the slimy crook Ibuse! You’ll find it all in ROBO ROCK, a freewheeling firecracker of a flick with a heart of gold—and two giant fists of iron! Japan’s animation/gaming powerhouse GDH Group make their first foray into the live-action realm with this gem, and their noted subsidiary, the maverick Gonzo anime team, hit a home run with their contribution—the super-coolest, old-schoolest giant robot around!

—Rupert Bottenberg