Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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La Crème

Montreal Premiere

WINNER: Best Foreign Feature, Oxford International Film Festival
WINNER: Best Film, Beijing Film Festival

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“A subversive black comedy slathered with brilliant chaos and a dab of lunacy” - SAN FRANCISCO INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL


Director: Reynald Bertrand
Screenplay: Reynald Bertrand
Cast: Laurent Legeay, Marie-Anne Pauly, Nicolas Abraham
Producers: Isabelle Tillou
Distributor: It Films

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| 16 min
English language


Sometimes a job interview can go very, very badly. François Mangin, the father of a family on welfare, knows a bit about that. Unable to choose between Mangin and another candidate, the head of a business asks the two of them to decide between themselves who will snag the only sales position available. Such a strange suggestion can only fan the flames of intense competition. The solution to this prickly problem lies in a Christmas gift François receives from his wife. It appears to be nothing more than a small jar of cosmetic cream. However, the moment François smears a dab on his face, he suddenly appears to be a superstar celebrity in the eyes of all around him. His life changes drastically—not only is he spotted in the street by admiring gawkers, he has no problem attracting investors for his ideas, never to mention the frenzied females throwing themselves at him. Things will take another dramatic turn for him, however, when his rival for the job discovers the magic properties of the cream. Fame, it seems, always comes at a price.

In a society where one and all dream of celebrity status, Reynald Bertrand’s LA CRÈME offers a withering critique of our attachment to fame and the famous. While his entourage may see him as a star, François remains the same guy he ever was in the audience’s eyes—sparing the viewer the effect of the cream, Bertrand instead focuses on the ridiculous behaviour its effects inspire in his characters. One can’t help but laugh out loud when François, often in the very same scene, shifts from regular dude to instant idol. By weaving a touch of the fantastic into a firmly realist context, LA CRÈME suggest a Woody Allen script adapted by the Dardenne brothers. Witty, original and wise, this comedy is, if you’ll excuse the phrase, la crème de la crème!

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)