Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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(Los Cronocrimenes)

Canadian Premiere

WINNER: Best First Feature (Silver), Fantasia Film Festival

WINNER: Next Wave Award, Austin FantasticFest
WINNER: Audience Award, Philadelphia Film Festival
WINNER: Black Tulip Award, Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival

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“Welds a B-movie plotline to precision-engineered writing and a down-to-earth style; add an engagingly sloppy, nonplussed hero… and the result is memorably offbeat.” Jonathon Holland, VARIETY

“The delight in watching the story unravel is similar to what you might feel when solving a challenging puzzle” - Jette Kernion, CINEMATICAL


Director: Nacho Vigalondo
Screenplay: Nacho Vigalondo
Cast: Nacho Vigalondo, Karra Elejalde, Candela Fernández, Bárbara Goenaga
Producers: Eduardo Carneros
Distributor: Magnolia Pictures


Hector seems to have it all: a good job, a beautiful wife who loves him, a big new house. The thing is, Hector also has a roving eye, and when he spies a young woman undressing in the woods through his binoculars, just as his wife is leaving to run some errands, Hector can’t help but head off to “explore,” hoping for a closer look. He gets it, all right, and he also gets a pair of scissor rammed into his arm by a strange, heavily bandaged man. Injured and frightened, he stumbles through the woods until he meets a young man in a laboratory who offers to hide Hector from his assailant. And then the day re-sets. It is several hours earlier and Hector is still in his hiding place. Problem is, he’s also back at his house. His “hiding place” was a time machine, and now Hector has a serious problem…

The debut feature from Oscar-nominated short-film director Nacho Vigalondo, TIMECRIMES is one of those deceptively simple films, one that reveals surprising layers as its elliptical structure repeats and loops back upon itself. Already much loved around the world for his award, winning short work, Vigalondo has proven himself, with TIMECRIMES, one of the most unique voices in the feature-film world as well, and his film is fresh off an appearance at Sundance, where it was optioned for an English remake.

—Todd Brown