Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

Sponsored by: McAuslan/St-Ambroise

Montreal Premiere

Hosted by Star/Writer/Producer Trevor Matthews, Producer Patrick White, Editor Matt Brulotte and FX artist David Scott

WINNER: Midnight X-Treme Award, 2007 Sitges International Film Festival
WINNER: Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature, 2008 Calgary Underground Film Festival
WINNER: Gold Medal for Musical Excellence, 2008 Park City Film Music Festival

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“A slyly amusing, genially energetic, and consistently entertaining horror/comedy that'll no doubt tickle many a genre geek's fancy” - Scott Weinberg, FEARNET

“Looks and sounds as good as most studio products, with its old-school classical score and a virtual candy store of monster makeup and FX that evokes the ’80s horror films which no doubt influenced its creators” - Sarah Walker, FANGORIA


Director: Jon Knautz
Screenplay: John Ainslie, Jon Knautz
Cast: Trevor Matthews, Robert Englund, Rachel Skarsten, James A. Woods
Producers: Neil Bregman, Trevor Matthews, Patrick White
Distributor: Epic Pictures

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World Premiere
2008 | 15 min
English language, English subtitles


Jack Brooks, a plumber, has an anger problem, and why shouldn’t he? His girlfriend’s a nag, he’s stuck taking night classes, his van’s barely running—and there’s also the little matter of witnessing his entire family killed and eaten by some sort of troll monster when he was just a boy. Jack’s got issues, issues that erupt in bursts of violence and rage. Luckily for him, he’s about to find an appropriate target...

A low-budget, splattery comedy-horror, JACK BROOKS MONSTER SLAYER stars co-writer and co-producer Trevor Matthews as the titular Jack, a troubled young man whose life has been largely derailed by his anger issues, until he finds himself in the middle of a full-on creature attack, forced to defend himself and his night school classmates from a bloody end while dealing with his own issues in the process. The cause of the monster invasion? A cursed heart, swallowed by Jack’s science teacher Professor Crowley—played brilliantly by Robert Englund of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET fame—that slowly transforms the genial if bumbling scientist into a massive, tentacled and very hungry demon beast.

JACK BROOKS has everything you could ask of a creature feature. A memorable antihero, genuinely funny support players, squishy effects and a career-highlight-reel performance from Englund, who shows a surprising gift for physical slapstick comedy. A true crowd-pleaser, JACK BROOKS has left audiences cheering throughout a successful run around the globe.

—Todd Brown