Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
Oh Sherrie!

Oh Sherrie!

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Director: Adam Green
Screenplay: Mike Dussault
Cast: Kyle Brandt, Stacey Branscombe & Cat Corbett
Producers: Will Barrat, Mike Dussault & Adam Green
Distributor: Ariescope Pictures

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DJ XL5's Hellzapoppin Zappiní Party   

DJ XL5's Hellzapoppin Zappiní Party


Not only Adam Green as a keen sense of what is scary (Hatchet and Spiral) but he is truly a hell of a funny guy. He still does some stand up comedy routines from time to time at the famous Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Each year, Adam and his friends and collaborators from Ariescope Pictures (the production company he formed with Will Barratt in 1997) shoot a short film for their annual Halloween party.

We are happy that Adam Green Shares with us some of his favourites shorts.

Oh Sherrie! remains his favourite and itís easy to see why. Itís 1989. Guns and Roses were the number band in the world. Weekend at Bernies topped the box office and Craig wore a mullet haircut. Craig fells for Sherrie at the most awesome party. Only Craig doesnít take no for an answer. Craig is, letís say, rather obsessive.