Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Art of the Devil 3

(Long Khong 2)

Canadian Premiere

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Director: Ronin Team
Screenplay: Kongkiat Khomsiri
Cast: Mamee Nakprasit, Supakorn Kitsuwan
Producers: Ronin Team
Distributor: Five Star Entertainment

Screens with...

Identity Theft   

Identity Theft

Canadian Premiere
2007 | 2 min
English language, English subtitles


Deep in the jungles of northern Thailand, a black magician has gone too far, consuming so much dark power that it is now literally consuming him from within and leaving his flesh a mass of squirming maggots. His only hope is to take in the power of the Three Eyed God, the only dark force powerful enough to control the forces within his flesh. But Three Eye is proving uncooperative, leaving him no choice but to try and forcibly remove the God from others who have absorbed it, a quest that eventually leads him to a beautiful young woman whose soul he has been paid to steal…

Two years ago, a brash young group of Thai filmmakers calling themselves the Ronin Team shocked the world with an ultra-gory tale of Thai teens alone in the country becoming the gruesome victims of Cambodian black magic. Titled LONG KHONG in Thai, it was given the English title of ART OF THE DEVIL 2, despite having no story connection whatsoever to the first ART OF THE DEVIL movie, and it has now been given the prequel treatment with ART OF THE DEVIL 3, or LONG KHONG 2. So while the titling may be confusing, trust me when I say that any self-respecting gore fan will not want to miss this one. The magic here is truly as black as it gets, the power requiring extreme sacrifice, and the camera spares nothing. Get ready to squirm.

Of special note here is that one of the Ronin Team, Kongkiat Khomsiri, is also the director of MUAY THAI CHAIYA, which screens at Fantasia this year as well.

—Todd Brown