Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Dark Floors

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North american Premiere

North American Premiere

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Director: Pete Riski
Screenplay: Pekka Lehtosaari
Cast: Skye Bennett, Noah Huntley, Dominique McElligot, Leon Herbert, William Hope, Ronald Pickup
Producers: Markus Selin
Distributor: The Finnish Film Foundation/The Grindstone

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Montreal Premiere
2007 | 20 min
German language, English subtitles


A young girl stricken with an autism-related disorder struggles for lucidity in an ill-equipped hospital, somewhere in middle America. Her loving father is forced to simply look on helplessly until a string of equipment failures and a near-fire force his hand. He opts to simply take the girl out of care and return home. It’s a difficult but sensible decision—if the hospital cannot help her, which it clearly can’t, then she may as well be comfortable at home. But the father’s simple plan is interrupted when a power failure strikes the hospital, trapping the pair in an elevator along with collection of other hospital denizens. Once they’re free, it is clear everything has changed. The hospital is… different, somehow. Nothing works as it should, and before long, the small band begins to encounter wreckage, bodies and a collection of horrible creatures bent solely on claiming the young girl as their own.

Yes, kids, the Fear is Here in the form of DARK FLOORS, the motion picture conceived by and starring Finnish heavy metal act Lordi, who play the villains of the piece. Directed by the band’s longtime music video director Pete Riski—one of Finland’s top commercial directors, making his feature debut—DARK FLOORS is a surprisingly polished and serious piece of work, one that avoids playing the camp card. It’s a tightly plotted, exceptionally well shot thrill ride that sets the rules of its world very early on and then executes beautifully.

—Todd Brown