Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Le Tueur

Sponsored by: Evokative Films

North american Premiere

North American Premiere

Hosted by actor Grégoire Colin

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« Cocktail costaud de thriller et de drame psychologique, ce film étrange et original distille, dans une ambiance très forte, des coups de théâtre à répétition sur un ton réaliste et crédible » - Alain Spira, PARIS MATCH

"(...) [Cédric Anger] réalise un premier long-métrage, qui se situe dans une filiation stylée : aussi bien les premiers polars de Kitano (l'humour à froid, l'action traitée comme un retard à l'allumage) que Michael Mann (le goût pour l'architecture contemporaine des grandes villes)" – Didier Péron, LIBÉRATION


Director: Cédric Anger
Screenplay: Cédric Anger
Cast: Gilbert Melki, Grégoire Colin, Mélanie Laurent, Sophie Cattani, Xavier Beauvois
Producers: Saïd Ben Saïd, Thomas Klotz
Distributor: Evokative Films / UGC International

Screens with...

With a Little Patience   

With a Little Patience

Canadian Premiere
2007 | 14 min


Leo Zimmerman is the very image of the happy man—loving husband, devoted father of a little girl, businessman with a bright future. His wide smile, however, hides the soul of a tormented man. Leo’s life changes dramatically one day when Dimitri darkens his doorway at work. Dimitri claims to have inherited a large sum of money, which he wishes to invest. Leo spots the lie quickly. He knows he has powerful opponents in his field, men who want to cut his success on the financial markets short. He understands that the man before him has been sent by his enemies to kill him. Leo remains calm. The idea of calling the police or trying to escape doesn’t even cross his mind. He gives the hitman a proposition—a few days grace, just a few, while Leo closes one last big deal to assure his daughter’s financial security. Oddly, Dimitri accepts.

The spirit of the great Jean-Pierre Melville permeates this unforgettable film noir, the feature-film debut for director Cédric Anger. Modest in action, LE TUEUR is rich in suspense, inciting a state of red alert in its audience, captive to its constant twists and ricochets. Carrying over the example of the likable PETIT LIEUTENANT, which he co-wrote with Xavier Beauvois, the director zooms in on the troubling psyches of his larger-than-life characters. To inhabit them, Anger sought out a host of grand figures of current French cinema. Gilbert Melki, as Leo, conjures a character as tortured Daniel Day-Lewis of THERE WILL BE BLOOD. He’s contrasted perfectly against Grégoire Colin as the assassin whose sentiments are threatening to overwhelm the glacial front his line of work demands. Between the two is Mélanie Laurent, the femme fatale, bringing a feminine luminosity to this somber world of men. The perfect blend of genre flick and auteur cinema, LE TUEUR finds Cédric Anger reaching for the ranks of Olivier Assayas.

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)