Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
Foet (dir. cut)

Foet (dir. cut)

Canadian Premiere

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Director: Ian Fischer
Screenplay: Ian Fischer
Cast: Ellen Mareneck, Erika Johanson, JD Carter
Producers: Alexandra Levinsohn, Ian Fischer
Distributor: Fischtick Productions

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Lady Blood   

Lady Blood

World Premiere
2008 | 90 min
French language, English subtitles


A fashionable pro-life activist finds herself making serious moral compromises when she falls in love with a line of handbags derived from a grotesquely unfortunate source. Sharp, twisted and politically charged, FOET (pronounced "feet") is an inspired skewering of consumerism and a hand-grenade in the face of a movement in desperate need of a sense of humour.

—Mitch Davis