Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008

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Second Skin

Montreal Premiere

Official Selection, South by Southwest 2008, Hot Docs 2008

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"The human dramas of individual gamers are what really make this technically polished docu so fascinating" – Joe Leydon, VARIETY

"Surpassed all of my expectations and earned a spot on my list of favorite docs" - Alex Billington, FIRST SHOWING


Director: Juan Carlos Pineiro-Escoriaza
Screenplay: Victor Pineiro
Cast: Kevin Keel, Andy Belford, Jeff Wilson, Heather Cowan, Chris Mitchell
Producers: Victor Pineiro, Peter Schieffelin Brauer
Distributor: Pure West Documentaries

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Documentaries From The Edge   

Documentaries From The Edge


Your job is boring, your debts are piling up, the cost of your kid’s education is an albatross around your neck? When the daily grind is really grinding you down, how can you not wish to escape into a fanastic realm of epic adventure and sweeping romance? Every day, more than 50 million players assemble on virtual platforms like World of Warcraft and City of Heroes, hungry for the stirring experiences that real life just can’t provide. For most, perhaps, these parallel worlds are nothing more than a game, a fun pastime. For some, though, it’s a way of life. Many devotees of World of Warcraft can claim to have founded firm friendships through their online community. Some have even found the loves of their lives. On ther other hand, some players becomes so deeply invested in their game lives that it becomes an addiction as serious as alcoholism. Either way, these millions of lone individuals link up to form a new, concurrent society in which every citizen is a mythic figure of superhuman power. SECOND SKIN lets you into their lives.

Acclaimed at South By Southwest and Hot Docs, SECOND SKIN examines the impact of online games on an assortment of dedicated gamers. We meet Chris, Matt and Anthony, three roommates who have transformed their living room into fortress-like shrine in honour of their favourite activity. With their neighbour Andy, they devote 10 hours a day to the exploration of World of Warcraft’s many lands. Heather and Kevin have fallen deeply in love, in the realm of Everquest. Their long-awaited first meeting means traveling the miles between them, and then contending with the shock of their first face-to-face encounter. Desperate to rebuild his life offline, Dan finds himself checking in with an aid group for game addicts. These varied portraits offer both a global and an up-close-and-personal glance at an ever-growing social phenomenon. They also critique the struggle of the Web generation in achieving te promise of adulthood—a favourite topic of Kevin Smith’s. Easily one of the best docs of the year, SECOND SKIN is quite simply a revelation.

—Simon Laperričre (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)