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From Inside

World Premiere

WINNER: Best First Feature (Bronze), Fantasia Film Festival

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“Straddles a line between film, graphic novel, and campfire fable” - QUIETEARTH.US


Director: John Bergin
Screenplay: John Bergin
Cast: Corryn Cummins
Producers: Brian McNelis
Distributor: Burgundy Films

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Animated Auteur Visions   

Animated Auteur Visions

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Montreal Premiere
2007 | 19 min
Norweigian language, English subtitles


The world is a scorched and brutal place, nothing but wreckage after the inevitable arrival of the nuclear apocalypse. Twisted metal, crumbled buildings, carcasses of man and animal litter the ground. The seas have turned to blood, the sky has turned to ash. All that remains of humanity are the passengers of a solitary train pushing onward, ever onward, through the devastation. Nobody knows where they are going or even why, all they know is that there is no going back. This is the world of FROM INSIDE, a world that we share with one passenger on the train—a pregnant woman robbed of everything and everyone valuable in her life by the apocalypse, struggling to come to terms with what it means to bring a new life into such a hopeless world.

Coming from the mind of John Bergin, FROM INSIDE is a bleak but powerful vision of the world to come, a cautionary tale against the myth of progress and blind faith in our political masters. Bergin himself is a sort of multi-pronged artist—a musician who appeared on the soundtrack to THE CROW and who has done collaborative work with Jarboe from Swans, Bergin is also a highly sought-after graphic designer and visual artist who spent years animating FROM INSIDE himself on his home computer, using the imagery from his own graphic novel of the same name as a starting point. A powerful debut feature, FROM INSIDE marks its creator as one of the most unique and potent voices to emerge in American animation in years.

—Todd Brown