Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
Voïvod tribute video : We Are Connnected

Voïvod tribute video : We Are Connnected

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Director: Syl Disjonk
Cast: Away, Piggy, Snake, Blacky
Distributor: Syl Disjonk

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Courts-métrages québécois DIY 4   

Courts-métrages québécois DIY 4


We Are Connected was created during the 25 years Of Quebec Metal. It is a document marking the enthronement of lead guitarist Denis « Piggy » D’Amour (RIP). Known for his work with Voïvod, he brought his composition to this legendary metal band. An expression of admiration and homage for Voïvod, this video focuses on the eighties, period where the band left its mark on the imagination and aesthetics of what metal would be in Quebec.